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has it come to this?

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original pirate material
This is the fandom journal of punkfunkdisco. It's got mostly fanfiction in it for the fandoms: Robin Hood (BBC) and Dawson's Creek. It also has a couple of pieces of original fiction (how exciting!). Not only that, it also has some icons - not very good icons, but I gave it a go, y'know? AND I use this journal for picspams too.

Comments and constructive criticism is very welcome on my fic. I'm not the best writer in the world, but I like to write, so I will and I hope to improve with practice.

"Dear Lydia" is a song by the band Reverend & the Makers. They're pretty ace, check them out.
has it come to this?
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My favourite fics written by other people are in the memories, organised by fandom, so check them out.
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